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Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml 5N Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml 5N
  • Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml 5N
  • Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml 5N

Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml 5N

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ingyenes szállítás 27400 ft-tól ügyfélminősítés 3.7

Goldwell Soft Color Kleurmousse 125ml

Goldwell Colorance Soft Color Foam Colorant Mousse is a conditioning, temporary coloring foam for increased gloss, color brilliance, and vibrant fashion effects. Free of alkalinity and oxidants (ph 6.8). Each application lasts 6-8 shampoos. Contents sufficient for 5-6 applications. Soft Color can be applied quickly and easily for a variety of services.

Colorance Soft Color is a gentle, semi-permanent color foam that creates intensive, vibrant color effects which last 4-6 shampoos. Recommend it as an at-home refresher product for your color clients, that offers longer-lasting color results. A unique multi-functional color product, Soft Color is also excellent for use as an in-salon treatment and as a corrective color tool.

-Soft Shading: the quick and soft way to experience with new shades.
-Color Refreshing: to refresh colored hair and strands – in the salon or at home.
-Color Correction: quick correction for all color results

Available only in 4.2oz/125ml canister, which is sufficient for 5 – 6 application

Conditioning color foam based on direct dyes with a pH value of 6.8. Ideal for salon and home use.
A broad selection featuring 20 shades, all aligned with the GOLDWELL color system.
New package design.
Non-alkaline, non-oxidizing, no ammonia.
Brilliant, vibrant and even color results.
Achieves up to 80% of its total color intensity after only 5 minutes.
Quick and easy application without dripping or skin staining.
Lasts for 6 – 8 shampoos.



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